Dustin Hillis Recommendations

“I have worked with Northwestern Mutual for 19 years.  Before engaging in the TPE coaching my production has typically been in the “middle of the pack”.  After being personally coached by Dustin Hillis I am the #1 producer in the state of Florida for Northwestern Mutual.  I have never really came close to reaching the highest level of production at Northwestern Mutual called the “Forum”, and after 7 months of coaching with Dustin I’m on track to be in the “Forum” which will place me in the top 1% of all financial planners in the world!

Dustin has helped me tremendously in reaching my potential.  Through the end of June 2009, my production has exceeded all of  2008 and I am very excited about what will be my best year ever.  Dustin is doing a great job as my business coach by keeping me on track and holding me accountable to my daily critical success factors.  I admire Dustin’s integrity and values and would recommend Dustin to anyone wanting to increase their business and excitement for life.

-Thomas G. Pate, CLU, ChFC,CASL, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual


“Dustin, I have had the pleasure to take the Southwestern Consulting 2-day Bootcamp and also your executive level coaching classes. You and Southwestern Consulting, my friend, are the best of the best. The impact that you and your program has had on me and my continued professional growth can not be described by words – it has to be experienced.

I have now completed four months  of coaching and I am seeing the benefits every day.  Not only has it helped me grow but my team is reaping the benefits as well.  We have seen a 23% growth in our business since I started.

Both the 2-day Bootcamp and the Executive Level Coaching Program have been inspiring, motivating, life changing and instrumental in my growth both personally and professionally.  I have been blessed to meet you and Amanda and I look forward to working with you for years to come.”

– Cory Miller, Director of Sale for DIRECTV and DSI Systems Inc


Click Here:  Lyn Berry- Farmers Insurance Coaching Testimonial


Dear Mr. Dustin Hillis & The Southwestern Consulting Team,

In August 2012, I was given the opportunity to attend Southwestern Consulting’s Success Starts Now conference in Columbus, OH.  This conference was very eye opening as I realized I was nowhere near my top potential in both my business and personal life.  After meeting with Mr. Dustin Hillis, I enrolled in the program believing that he Southwestern Consulting could benefit my team.

There were many things my organization and I had been doing well, but not at the level I wanted to be.  In 2010, my organization was ranked 8th place in the world, followed by 6th place in 2011 and then 9th place in 2012.  Out of 44 countries and over 200 office locations, I felt like we fared pretty well.  However, the sad reality was the difference in sales between 1st place and 10th place.  First place delivers 10,000+ units per year where as my organization averages 2,500 per year.

The first few months of the program entailed revamping and organizing varies aspects of my business.  We focused on everything from day-to-day tasks, to more specific business operations.  Even though I was building a good foundation, it was hard to see immediate results.

However, after just 6 months in the program the dots are starting to connect!   I am happy to announce that we just had our all-time best month in business in January 2013!  That was followed by our second best month in business in February 2013, and we are now on pace for shattering our recently set all-time record for March 2013!

Our monthly sales for the last six months are as follows:

September 2012 –             $64,299

October 2012 –                  $66,262

November 2012 –              $103,787

December 2012 –               $107,032

January 2012 –                   $192,360

February 2012 –                 $172,548

The Southwestern Consulting program has proven to work!   I cannot pin point just one thing that this program has brought to my organization.  It has been a combination of the following:

–        Improved time management

–        Setting up an organized

–        Concrete schedule

–        Accountability

–        Hiring and training an executive assistant

–        Putting in place systems that drive results.

Furthermore, Dustin Hillis was able to customize an effective strategy that catered to what my business demanded.

I could not thank Dustin Hillis and the Southwestern Consulting program enough for their roll in my continued path to success.  We have been a good company and now we are on the way to something GREAT!


Ryan Lee, President- Minnesota Health Systems, LLC.


“Working with Southwestern Consulting under the Top Producer program for the past 5 months I have  seen significant improvements in many areas of my business. Since working with Dustin my confidence  in recruiting quality employees has improved dramatically by helping me develop systems and holding  me accountable for my daily activity. In addition we have increased our policy count by 39% over prior  year’’s production while also increasing revenue 102% over prior year!  Having a coach that has a true interest in my success has been the key to our sustained growth.
Dustin and his team have helped my company take the steps to propel us forward for an exceptionally  profitable 2013 and beyond!   Thank you for your help this year!”

– Will Montgomery, President/ CEO  Montgomery & Associates Insurance


“My entire 23 year sales career has been with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.  During that period, I am confident that I have read more than 100 books on sales and attended dozens of seminars and workshops.  Earlier this year, in Durham, NC, I attended the Success Starts Now! Conference.  Simply put, it was the best sales related conference I have ever attended.  It had lots of meat that I started to use the very next day.  At that seminar, I hired Dustin Hillis as my accountability coach.

One of my first assignments was to read Dustin’s book, “Navigate.”  What an awesome read!  For years, I’ve tried to sell the same way to everybody.  Now I see that I can no longer do that.  I have to cater my presentation to one of the four basic buying behavior styles that Dustin has identified in his book.  I am impressed with how applicable the ideas and techniques are in my daily business.  I literally keep a copy of “Navigate” on my desk to remind me throughout the day to identify, as soon as possible, the buying style I am engaged with at any given time and adjust accordingly.

Combine the lessons inside of “Navigate” with the hands-on coaching from the author himself and I appear to have a powerful combination of tools to use.  Having Dustin holding me accountable for my daily activities, while also adding to my sales tool box topics such as “how to work referrals”, “how to overcome fear”, “setting appointments” and “closing” I can’t help but increase my income significantly.

“Navigate” is not just another book on the philosophy of sales.  It serves as a how to manual that will help me to better connect with more people, get inside of more sales doors, and ultimately close more deals.  Thanks Dustin!”

– Robert T. Watral, Jr., CFP®, CMFC®, CDFATM – Vice President – Wealth Management Financial Planning Specialist at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC


“Dustin, Six counselors and five sales managers joined the 6 month program and we haven’t looked back. In the last 4 months, both counselors and Sales Managers have improved performance by 18% over their average monthly run rate from last year. The coaching Southwest Consulting provided to my team and myself has been spot on from the word go.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with Southwest and recommend anyone who is serious about growing their sales team to give it a try.

-Tim Rodgers, Market Director of Alabama Funeral Services


“Before signing up for the Top Producers Edge, I was nervous because I’m already successful and didn’t want to have another thing to add to my to-do list. After 4 months of TPE executive level training with Dustin Hillis, I’ve seen major improvements with not only my business, but also his coaching has helped me at home. The technical sales training has been great, but for me the motivational sales philosophies have really helped me take my production to the next level. I love techniques such as R.A.F.T. that helps remind me never to give into excuses or negative events, and that the answer to every problem lies behind the next phone call or door. I have already recommended the TPE for my sales team. I would recommend the executive level TPE for any top executive and the regular TPE for any sales professional.

-Jeanine Martin, Senior VP of Primerica


“Dustin, Our sales numbers using these processes have just shot through the roof. We have, this last month, all of your coaching has been implemented and we’ve had a record setting month. We went from where we were adding about 5 new members a week last month, after having put our guys through this, we had 56 new members.

-Will Bartholomew, CEO of D1 Sports Training


“Hi Dustin!  Our call today was awesome!  You kept talking and I kept writing down every word you said!  Your advice on how to obtain, train, and retain the perfect assistant is priceless.  I have had assistants in the past but with my new tips, thanks to you, I am going to set the tone of SUCCESS from day one!  It would have taken me weeks of research to put this together and even at that point I probably would not have been as thorough as you.  I often wonder why people don’t see the value in business coaches – sure they cost money – but let’s use our last call as an example.  In one hour you armed me with a step by step plan on how to obtain, train and retain the perfect assistant.  If I would have researched this on my own by meeting with business partners, colleagues, and performing internet research it would take me at least 20 hours.  Based on my hourly rate determined with you the hours spent researching would have cost me $2,500 you know what you charge……THAT”S WHAT I CALL SAVINGS!!!  Thanks again!! Cheers to continued success!!!”

-Clifford E. John, Home Mortgage Consultant at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


“Dustin, Thanks for our call today.  I hope you have an extremely successful trip in Peru!  I realized that I hadn’t yet sent you an email sharing my progress since joining the Executive Level Top Producer’s Edge and wanted to make sure I did that today!   What a difference I feel since I started working with you.  Because I’ve been in sales for about 10 years, I knew the actions I needed to be doing to make me successful, but for some reason I felt myself making excuses when I wasn’t doing them.  With the help of the TPE program and your coaching I have turned my fears and frustration into actions and have been extremely happy and much, MUCH more productive. 

I think it’s really funny how many semi-successful sales professionals are out in the world today that will settle for less than top notch.  (I can say this because I was one of them.)  We get comfortable making six figures and then wonder why we’re frustrated when we don’t break our average income.  It’s interesting how it took me hiring you to really kick me in gear.  There is no need for excuses or the thoughts that go with them when you put a program in place.

Some of the things we’ve worked on that have helped me tremendously are:

  • Prospecting – Every sales person knows that prospecting is our bread and butter.  Setting aside dedicated time or putting a specific number on how many prospects I want to reach in a day/week is invaluable.  The results I saw after the first month were/are fantastic!!
  • Referrals – Closing a referral is much easier than closing a cold call.  How to ask and how to get more information from the person giving the referral.
  • Scripting – Memorizing scripts is a helpful way to ensure you stay on task and don’t get sidetracked.  It’s the right script that works for you, not just a script.
  • Contract Signature – Follow through, follow up, follow through…repeat.  Isolate objections, answer and move on.  Follow through, follow up, follow through…
  • Follow Up – Sales is and always will be a relationship business.  Do what you say you’re going to do, then stay in contact even after the sale is closed.
  • Visual – Goal/dream boards and or books.  Use pictures to represent specific goals…not just words.
  • Pipeline Management and legal stalking behaviors  🙂  – Print out pictures of your top prospects.  See the people not just the company.  You have to win the people to win the company!

Thank you for accepting me as a client (and a friend!).  I’m more successful and more confident because of your coaching.  Have a wonderful day!”

– Shellie George, Regional Vice President of Connexion Technology


“Dustin,  Thank you for staying on me about getting involved with TPE. If I had to do it all over again I would have enrolled when you offered me the very first spot last year.

I’m a huge fan of coaching and have been involved with two other coaching programs for extended periods of time. I am blown away at the level of results that I’ve experienced in less than two months with TPE.  I got started with TPE at the same time that I started a new sales career in an industry that I have no experience in. We are 21 days into my second full month with Shell Vacations Club and I am the #1 Gen Line agent out of 20 and #3 in the whole store out of 30.

Thank you Dustin for helping me zero in on the controllables and rocketing to the top of the company. I am a huge fan of you and TPE. I am looking forward to being #1 in the whole store and #1 in the whole company thanks to TPE.   Keep up the good work,”

– Justin Harris, Producer at Shell Vacations Club


Uloop grew its revenues by over 50% this year while working with Southwestern Consulting and Dustin Hillis.  Dustin provides unique insight into identifying sales opportunities and developing sales programs around those opportunities.  The training Dustin provides is top-notch, and Dustin’s ability to develop sales talks, sales presentations, and creative ways to address and overcome objections provides tremendous value to our organization.

-Corey Cleek, Co-founder of Uloop (www.uloop.com)


“I hired Dustin to be my Top Producer sales coach. He is the best sales coach a salesperson could ask for. He is always a positive influence on my day, and I look forward to our calls every 2 weeks. He has give me value in my business that cannot be replaced. Hiring Dustin as my coach WILL take me to the top of my industry!”

– Amber Brittain, Mortgage Adviser at Wells Fargo


“Few people have reached the top in their profession. Most people lack the one thing that would cause them to reach levels of success many only dream of…. BELIEF. Working with Dustin has been like drinking belief from a fire hose. As someone who has shattered the sales records of a 150+ year old company, Dustin does not believe something cannot be done. Just spending time talking to him for a couple of hours per month plugs you in to how top achievers think and causes you to start thinking like one yourself. If you want to get to the next level of success in your profession, sign up to work with Dustin.

-Jay Willis- VP of Sales at Mometrix


“Dustin and SSN provide a priceless service that is taking D1 to the next level. The one on one TPE program with Dustin is all about accountability, and I can say from personal experience that it works! There is so much I have already gained from Dustin and the SSN program, but the exciting part is that there still so much more. I will recommend TPE to anyone and everyone because of what it has done for me.”

-Ryan Murphy- National Sales Manger at D1 Sports Training


“Dustin is the Tiger Woods of sales. Anyone that has an opportunity to work with him should be thankful. We are all in marketing and sales whether they know it or not, and Dustin is the top of the food chain as far as sales goes. Just about every business small or big could make a lot of money from listening to this guy. Dustin holds the record for most sales in a summer for the southwestern company, the company is 154 years old and known for producing some of the best sales people in the country. So basically he’s the best of the very best!

-Dr. Scott Harbin- Owner of Hendersonville Dentistry


Dustin has the most out of this world mind for breaking any belief barriers that hold the rest of us back. He is a true student in every form of the word and applies the things he learns quicker, more effectively and in the shortest amount of time imaginable for a human being. All while staying humble and simply thankful for all he has been given. It has been a true blessing to have known him and I am a better person because of it. When you get the chance to work with him take it because what he brings to the table for you and your team works. He also won’t let you down…Ever.”

-Dave Brown, Sr Partner at Southwestern Consulting

“Dustin Hillis is no stranger to hard work, as evidenced by his holding of the top sales record in a 155-year-old company. He is a forward thinker and excites those he comes in contact with his ideas and training. He is an energetic motivator, a mentor to many and a friend to even more. Dustin has the unique knack of taking a process and breaking it down to where someone can comprehend it and apply it to get results. It is a pleasure to work with Dustin. The sky truly is the limit for his potential.”

– Trey Campbell, APR, Director of Communications, The Southwestern Company


Dustin is an outstanding sales coach who truly delivers outstanding results for his clients. He personalizes his training and coaching so that his client receives the maximum benefit and return on their investment. Dustin has high integrity, is very personable and a pleasure to work with. Both Southwestern Consulting and Dustin are the best!

-Kevin Pitcher, Employee Benefits Consultant at Mid American Group

“Dustin is passionate about helping people learn the techniques that will grow their businesses. He is able to interact with different personality types effectively. Dustin is a powerhouse and big thinker and breaks down barriers easily. His technical sales expertise is very unique and he is a clear expert at what he does. During my work with Dustin I clearly saw what an out of the box thinker he is. Dustin will help you get what you want.

-Deanna Rogowsky, Product Development Coordinator, The Southwestern Company

“Dustin has provided sales/marketing, team building consulting services to me through his company Southwestern Consulting. As the top producer in the 150 year old company, Southwestern, Dustin brings a ton of clout to our relationship. I read his books and blogs, watch his videos and appreciate his desire to get top results for me. I recommend Dustin to anyone who wants to be lead and challenged by a world class producer and leader.

– Mark Brasher, Vice President at Medical Doctor Associates

“Dustin is dynamic. He has a passion to bring out the best in people and he’s very successful at it. His passion is contagious. It is impossible to surround yourself with his energy and not be successful. Follow Dustin’s advice and you will achieve greatness.

-Dawn “Dew” Tinnin, Partner and Professional Sales Coach, Southwestern Consulting


Dustin is a visionary with unmatched sales ability. His passion lies in growing and developing the people he works with and I am fortunate to be his partner in business.”

-Shayne Merrick, Sr Adviser, SBR Search


“When I think of Dustin there are many words that come to mind. One of those is “winner.” Dustin has been a winner all his life and has found ways to help others win too. Another word is “Professional.” Dustin has mastered the art of professionalism and combines it with his ability to win. As a colleague I feel every time I speak with Dustin I leave the conversation a better person. Anyone who has a chance to meet with, talk to or better yet, be trained by Dustin Hillis will never forget the experience.”

-Collin Tilbe, Senior Regenerative Specialist at Zimmer Dental


“You can’t teach what you don’t know and you can’t lead where you won’t go” Dustin practices what he teaches every day. He has helped hundreds of individuals realize their potential in sales through his training. I would recommend any investing their time with Dustin Hillis. As Brian Tracy says: “It is only the best who invest in themselves””

-Ed Nash, Founder of Oxford Fine Arts


“Dustin’s phenomenal methods of meeting people and genuinely getting to know them has enhanced his success not only personally, but in the business arena. He has led us all to believe not only in ourselves, but in also to others inspiring and reinforcing the fact that “Great people can truly make others great too.” His authentic tenacity and ambition has proven to not only be an effective leader amongst peers, but a powerful role model to his community. He is a force to be reckoned with.

-Ali Hemyari, Chief Executive Officer at Nashville K-9, LLC


Dustin is extremely driven to succeed, but he refuses to do so at the expense of his integrity. The word “quit” does not exist in Dustin’s vocabulary and he will not be outworked.”

-Chris Thomas, Director of National Advertising for The Dave Ramsey Show


"Dear Dustin, I have been in the insurance business for the past 10 years.  During the past 5 years, I have contracted with a personal success coach off and on for 3 years and been to many seminars and one day training sessions from Brian Tracey, Tom Hopkins and other lesser know motivational and referral specialists.  I attended the Charlotte, NC SSN seminar in April and signed up with you for the coaching program.   Since we started working together I have seen some dramatic results.   I expect this to continue because I am becoming a "REFERRAL GATHERING MACHINE".   I have been focusing on generating a referral based business and will be working on a script to accomplish more of my goals.  I expect to qualify for the sales convention this year.  I have my work cut out in order to do this but I have more motivation, techniques, ideas, and conviction than ever before.  I have been a top producer in my office for several years but I am learning to compare myself to my divisional and national associates. (I have much to improve to be a top producer divisionally or nationally)   I have more confidence and conviction now than in the past 18 months.  I was the top producer in my office in May and believe it is because of the coaching that I have received.   Not only have you help me with the coaching every two weeks, but I have listened to the CD's of Rory, Paul and others.  I listen regularly and am motivated more than ever.  I am looking forward to going to the next level and feel that I am ready for the next level. I disconnected my television recently because I don't need to be watching the junk there or watching the news.  I am positive and expecting great things.  I did my vision board and look at it regularly and I am also working on improving my relationships with my 17 year old son. Thanks for your assistance."

– Steve Grady, Agent at Bankers Life and Casualty


“Dustin was my sales coach for the last several months and he is terrific. Efficient and effective, his passion for selling and productivity is infectious. I would recommend him to any sales person who wants to go to a higher level. His advise will breed greater success.

-Steve Giddens, Real Estate Software for the Real World


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