About Dustin Hillis

Dustin Hillis

Dustin Hillis

Dustin is the Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting™, the Southwestern Company’s professional sales training/coaching/ and consulting division. He is an Executive Level Coach and a Business Development Consultant.

He is the author of Navigate: Selling the Way People Like to Buy and co-authored Speaking of Success with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Jack Canfield. Dustin is the #1 ranking sales  professional in a long list of over 150,000 salespeople at the over 155 year old Southwestern Company.


One Response to “About Dustin Hillis”

  1. Whats up man? Its way to long! I can’t believe everything I’m seeing on this website about you! I just had to say whats up and see how you’ve been. I’m currently about to start a career in sales down here in south GA. One of my friends and I were just trading old college stories and your name came up and it got me to thinking if I could get in contact with ya. Its so good to see that your having so much sucess in life! Send me an email sometime or just call me if you want at 912-655-9196.


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