The 3 Types of W.O.R.K.

Here is another sample of my upcoming book: Navigate: The Art of Not Thinking.

The 3 Types of W.O.R.K.

Showing up for work, being focused at work and doing your dead level best while working should not be something anyone has to think about.

Work Hard

Work Hard

If you spend even just 5% of your brainpower and energy on considering if you should go to work or focused on “wasting time until work ends” or “getting ready to get ready to work”, then you are doing a disservice to society. In the Hebrew language, work is defined as “fulfilling a need in society”. That is also why in the Hebrew language you will not find the word “retirement” because the Hebrew people believe that if someone “retires” then they are removing something that is needed from society.

Personally, I have no retirement plan. I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my mentor Spencer Hays and work until I die. When you love what you do working is just a hobby.

So why do so many of us think that WORK is a 4 letter cuss word?

I think it’s conditioned in us by the society we live in today. My business partner Rory Vaden, author of the New York Times best-selling book Take the Stairs, does an excellent job at bringing us to the core of this issue. Rory says that we live in a “PROCRASTInation”that is obsessed with the attitude of “get rich quick”, “buy now and pay later”, “lose weight without working out”, etc. He boils it down to our society living in an “escalator mentality”…meaning nobody wants to work, but everyone wants to be given something for nothing. In his book Take the Stairs, he says the key to success is doing the things we don’t like doing.

Spencer Hays says there are 2 types of people in this world. Those who make an excuse, and those who work out a way. Which one are you? Do you make excuses to not work hard and do your dead level best?

There are 3 types of work:

1. Just Showing Up
A lot of times just showing up is enough to get by. It’s amazing that a lot of people struggle with even this phase of work.

2. Producing
My father-in-law loves telling the story of when he had my wife Kyah vacuum the stairs. She had a bad attitude toward the work and did a half-hearted job. After vacuuming all the stairs, she told her dad she “worked hard and vacuumed the stairs”. Upon inspection Jack (her dad) said “no, you’re not done. There are still dirt spots on some of the stairs.” Kyah replied “but I worked so hard” and Jack responded “just because you ruffed up the carpet doesn’t mean it’s clean. I don’t care how long or hard you worked it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get the job done right.”

My coaching clients often tell me “how hard they are working” and what they mean is that they are putting in a lot of hours. I always respond to someone telling me “how hard they are working” with “we all work hard. How much are you producing during the time you’re working?”. Usually people are being busy being busy, putting out fires, responding to emails, and not proactively and intentionally being a top producer.

3. Kicking Booty
After personally coaching hundreds of sales professionals, leaders, sales managers and business owners, I have found it is a rare individual who gets more done than 5 people combined in the same amount of time. This individual wakes up in the morning and jumps out of bed ready to take on the day. There is no question in this person’s mind whether or not they’re going to go to work and be productive everyday. They eat problems for breakfast, check emails at night, and during the income-producing time of the day all they do is win. There is a name for this rare individual… and that name is “Booty Kicker”.
It’s up to us everyday to decide, “am I going to kick booty today?” or “am I going to get my booty kicked today?” It’s one or the other and you have to decide daily which one you’re going to choose.

Being an booty kicker is simple, but it’s not easy. Here is an acronym to use to help make sure you are an booty kicker everyday.


W – Wake up with a passion for the day everyday. Make sure the first thought you have is “I’m going to kick booty today.” Be as productive when you’re not at the office as you are when you are at the office. Momentum is a powerful thing. It can cause you to have a kick-booty day or a lousy day. In marriage, momentum can cause a marriage to be happy or end in divorce. In sports, momentum is the difference between winning and losing. In battle, momentum is the difference between living and dying. You decide everyday… do you want momentum?

O – Organize. Live by the philosophy “Your schedule dictates your day. Your day does not dictate your schedule”. Be proactive, not reactive. If it’s not in your schedule… DON’T DO IT! Plan out every hour of every day.

R – Recruit the help of others. Anything great has been built on the backs of giants. It takes a village to raise a leader to success. Hire help! You focus on what you’re gifted at doing and let other people focus on what they are gifted at doing. If you’re a producer, then 99% of your time should be spent producing! Time is your most valuable asset that can never be replaced. Know what your time is worth. If you are spending time on something that you could pay someone less money then your time is worth, you are not only wasting time… you’re wasting money!

K – Keep perspective. Understand you only live life once. Make a decision of the kind of person you want to be, and be that person every day, every hour, every second. Treat everyday like it’s your last… because it really might be. Choose to make a difference in the world and in other people’s lives.

Batman said it best “It doesn’t matter who I am on the inside; all that matters is what I do.”



What is there to think about? Either you work or you don’t. Either you produce or you don’t. Either you kick booty or you don’t. You choose everyday.


8 Responses to “The 3 Types of W.O.R.K.”

  1. Awesome! Thanks Dustin.

  2. Paul Genest Says:

    Love it! Really puts things in perspective. When is SWC coming back to Washington?

  3. Great way to remember what is important. THX!

  4. Hebrew does have a word for “retirement”. It’s called “Prisha”, which literally means to retire from something.

    • Lee,

      Thank you for your correction. I looked up “Prisha” and here is what I found: “Prisha comes from the Indian word which means, “Beloved; Loving; God’s gift.” India word which means, “rays.” Unknown word which means, “Beauty.” Hindu word which means, “Gift of god.”

      Regardless of the word, you are right that the word does exist… What I should have said is that Hebrew Rabbis debate if the word “retire” is Biblical. It is found in Numbers, however some Rabbis say that after the breaking of the tabernacle that versus changed its context.

      • Prisha, or Prishut, in the biblical sense, is the practice of asceticism or abstinence. I don’t know about the Rabbinical debate you refer to, but the word and concept most certainly exist.

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