My business partner Amanda Johns is an expert at Follow Up. Her upcoming book “4-Dimensional Follow Up” is the best book I’ve ever read on the topic of follow up! Check out her blog on “9-Step Follow-up Touch System”!

Amanda Johns Vaden | Keynote Speaker | Gender Communication | Coaching | Business Consultant

This client touch system consists of 9 different touches. Touches 1 through 4 are separated by 2 weeks between touches and then touches 5 through 9 each have a month between.

 1st Touch – Send a Hand-written Thank You Card

This should be 3 or 4 sentences following this pattern:

  • Your excitement to be working with them
  • Value in your services that you provide
  • Future statement that gives them the big picture of working with you for life
  • Compliment their decision for working with you

 2nd Touch – Email Consisting of Third Party Stories of satisfied clients with quotes and names and joyful experiences working with you.

 3rd Touch – Send them a monthly newsletter that provides value to them and their decision to be working with you.

 4th Touch – Email explaining the Monthly newsletter and why it’s important.

 5th Touch –…

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