Technology Memorizing Techniques

We live in the most exciting time in the history of world.  We have access to more information in seconds then generations before us had in a lifetime.  Have you ever taken the time to think about the fact that you have a super-computer in your pocket?  How crazy is it to not utilize these amazing tools everyday?

One of the most common frustrations I hear my coaching clients express is that they “forgot someone’s name”, or they “forgot to meet with that team member”, or they “got too busy and forgot to make that phone call”.  I was not born with a photographic memory… as a matter of a fact, I have a slight version of dyslexia, which makes memorization very challenging.  Years ago, I found myself saying similar frustrations of why I would forget to do something.  Until I realized that I could use the “smartphone” to help me work smarter!

Smart Phone

Smart Phone

Have you ever thought about using technology to make you smarter?  With a little help from your smartphone, you can appear more confident, credible, and actually smarter in meetings by following these five short steps:

  1. Find out the names and a piece of information about all the people you’re going to meet with before the meeting.
  2. Once you know their names, go to their social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and see a picture of them and what they are interested in. While you are on their social media site, you can also look at their contacts and find referrals of people you would like to be introduced to.
  3. Next take their name and notes about them and put it in your calendar in your phone on the date that you will meet with that person.  For example, say you were meeting with someone named Elizabeth and her two business partners John and Mary on February 8th at 4:30 PM.  You would go to your calendar on your phone and put a reminder that you are meeting with Elizabeth, John and Mary.  Before you walk into the meeting, pull up your calendar and look at the names and your notes about them to help you remember with whom you are meeting.  This will work as a cheat sheet of sorts.
  4. During or after your meeting, write down a few notes about the “golden nuggets” that they are telling you about themselves. (For more on “Golden Nuggets”, click here:  Technology Sales Techniques
  5. Finally, create a contact card in your phone for the person you just met with. In the notes section, write down all the “golden nuggets” of information about them.  When you meet with them the next time, review the information beforehand and catch up with them a little bit using the information in your notes.

By following those simple five steps, you will be able to remember not only the names of the people with whom you meet, but you’ll actually remember information about them that will make them feel important and like you even more!

No one ever forgets someone’s name or information about someone intentionally.  In the past, people could get away with saying they just aren’t that good at remembering, but with the available technology we can access today, there is no excuse!  Be a pro.  Use your smartphone to help you remember the information that people care about.  Make it your job to care about letting them know how much you remember about them!  After all people, don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!


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