Smart Phones = Smart Business

We live in a rapidly changing world where the technology age has collided with the information age. This is your world, whether you like it or not. Having a Smart Phone as a tool to utilize all of the technology and information is essential to being on the top of today’s competitive business frontier.

After recently reading both “The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership For a New Generation”

The Steve Jobs Way

and “In the Plex- How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes our Lives”

In The Plex

I am inspired to help other people take their business to the next innovative level!

You might be saying to yourself “I don’t even know where to begin?” The world of rapidly changing technology can be mind boggling to think of where to begin. Let me make this simple for you!

The ultimate tool we have access to today is the Smart Phone. If you don’t have a Smart Phone, or if you’re not utilizing what your Smart Phone can do… you are like someone who was riding a horse to work 50 years after cars were invented.

I’ve personally had over 12 different types of smart phones since they came out. To name a few, I’ve had everything from the old school Palm Pilot, to the Trio, Blackberry, Droid, to the iPhone 4. Some were awesome… some were not.

My Top 3 Smart Phones are as follows:
#3. Blackberry Torch

Blackberry Torch

#2. Droid X2

Droid X2

#1. iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Once you’ve selected your Smart Phone, the next thing you need to know is how to use it for Smart Business.

Step 1. Get set up- get your phone number hooked up, transfer all of your contacts, import all of your pictures, and make sure you VPN/email exchange server is operational.
Step 2. Get insurance! Replacing a $700 phone is not fun!
Step 3. Download your “Must Have Applications”- see below.

3 Key Functions of the Smart Phone for Smart Business:

1. The Calendar
-Go Electronic! Get rid of the old day timer and sync your calendar to your phone and computer… if doing this intimidates you, have your kids show you how to do it. 🙂
-Send “Calendar Invites” to confirm appointments. It will automatically go into THEIR calendar!
-Use “Calendar Reminders” for all phone calls and appointments.
2. GPS
Google maps and turn-by-turn navigation is the modern day road warriors best friend!
-Before you leave the office just plug in the addresses of your appointments on your calendar “location” and just click on the address when you’re in the car and then click on driving directions and you’re off to the races.
-Drop Pins in key locations to instantly have directions to common destinations from anywhere.
3. The Must Have Applications:
“Documents to Go”
-Upload all of your important docs, power-points, and spreadsheets and accesses them from your phone.
-Take notes on your phone and email it to yourself or your assistant for designing proposals.
“Dragon Dictation”
-Dictate emails, text messages, and memos for when you’re on the go… AWESOME AND ACCURATE!
-Always handy!
-The best way to stay up to date with the birthdays, events, and changes in your clients and friends lives.
-The best way to promote blogs, websites, and general things that you find interesting.
-The best business social media site. Ecellent for getting referrals, client testimonials, recruiting, and marketing.
-Voice recorder to record your presentation and work on your presentation skills.

For more information and to speak with one of our Southwestern Consulting coaches about how to utilize technology to win business contact us here:


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