Dan Gable: You Cannot Teach What You Do Not Know


Dan Gable led the U.S. freestyle wrestling charge at two Olympic Games. In the 1972 Games, he won a gold medal in the 70 kg weight class. In 1984, he coached the U.S. freestyle team that won seven out of a possible 10 gold medals. Gable was so dominant a wrestler that between 1963 and 1973, Gable posted a record of 299 wins, six losses and three draws. On his way to the Olympic gold medal, Gable did not allow an opponent to score a point in six matches.  He is considered the best wrestler and coach to ever live.

“Why would I need a coach?”

Let’s examine the sales career as it compares to the career of an Olympic athlete.  All exceptional athletes have had extensive training…But Olympic athletes go on to receive Olympic coaching.

You see, in order to be a decent sales person, you need to be trained in the art of the sale – but in order to be a true champion in the sales field, you need a coach who has been in the trenches and can help you get to the top.  Acquiring a sales coach is the career step that will “separate the chumps from the champs”. 

We have found that sales professionals that long to be top producers in theirGable2 fields, and who have acquired a sales coach, stand out among their peers and end up reaching their version of “Olympic Sales Gold” in record time.  I have personally worked with hundreds of sales professionals and have a track record of helping some of them over double their production from one year to the next.

One important thing to remember is that sales coaching is not just for the novice salesperson.  In fact, sales coaching can be even more beneficial to the sales management team or sales leadership of an organization.  Coaching for managers can provide valuable insight into the components of a sales force that are weak and those that are strong.  Coaching for management can mean the difference between a decent sales team and a great sales team.

Gable3Perhaps the most dynamic argument that speaks to the benefit of sales coaching is the numbers.  Statistically, men and women who participate in a sales coaching program make more sales, and therefore make more profits.  Olympic Sales Coaching = Olympic Gold Results. The numbers don’t lie.

As corner stone principle at the Southwestern Company  is that you cannot teach what you don’t know and you cannot lead where you won’t go.  Just like Dan Gable lead his national championship teams as well as his Gold Medal Olympic teams, by teaching them out of experience what works. Southwestern Company is considered the premiere training company in the world by the Direct Selling Association, and with over 150,000 professional salespeople who have gone through their program the Southwestern Company  Top Producer’s Edge coaching program truly focuses on what works.

To take your business to the next level and learn more about the dynamics of sales coaching, email dhillis@ssnseminars.com or simply check out our company website at http://www.ssnseminars.com/Sales-Coaching.aspx.


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