Unconditional Confidence

Do you feel as if you have done your best at something? Think back to a time where you did your best. Then ask yourself… could you have done better? So was it your best?

We are naturally programmed to limit our potential of what we think is possible. John C. Maxwell refers to this as the “Law of the Lid” in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

The reason people do not reach their true potential is because they subconsciously build barriers that cause self-doubt. They don’t believe they can hit high goals.

The three most important characteristics for breaking belief barriers are commitment, control, and confidence.

After coaching top producers from all different industries I have found that one of the most paradigm breaking exercises one can go through to raise their “lid” of what they think is possible is called “Maximum Earning Potential”.

3. One of the key factors in breaking belief barriers and reaching your Maximum Earning Potential is developing unconditional confidence.

Why is unconditional confidence important? People are attracted to it, it evokes trust, and people will be led to take action by your conviction and unconditional confidence.

At the Southwestern Company they teach that there are three types of confidence: False, Conditional, and Unconditional.

• False Confidence is saying you can do something, but deep down inside you think there is no way you can actually do the task. It is negative self-talk. A good example is someone who, when with their group of friends talks and acts as though they were superman or superwoman, but when put into an unfamiliar selling situation, they change from superman to super-scared. False confidence comes from F.E.A.R. which is defined by Tony Robbins as False Evidence Appearing Real.
• Conditional Confidence is why this job can be frustrating. The job of sales can be emotional. Why do you think that is? It’s because we attach our self-worth to whether or not we make a sale. Many people have made one, two, or three sales in a row and their confidence goes way up. Then they go a day, a week, or a month with no sales and what happens to their confidence? Right! It hits peaks and valleys like a roller coaster. This confidence is conditional on the outcome.
• The last and most important factor that separates all top producers from average producers is unconditional confidence.
Top Producers who strive for unconditional confidence have that something special—charisma, or what Austin Powers would call it: “mojo.” Unconditional confidence is based on knowing that you do have skills and that your momentum comes from your work habits.

The key is that your self-worth in business is not attached to how much you produce; your gage on whether or not you’re doing a good job is based on work habits.
A good positive affirmation to use when forming unconditional confidence is saying to yourself every day when you look into the mirror:
“I do not expect success all the time, but due to the belief in my gifts and God given abilities in addition to my knowledge and acquired skills; I can be fearless in the moment. In reality, self-worth has nothing to do with the outcome. So when the pressure comes, I cannot hesitate. Knowing sometimes I will do well and sometimes I won’t, regardless, I know failure is temporary and success will happen with perseverance.”

Here are some Action Items to reaching Unconditional Confidence:
1. Set goals based on daily activity, not a result.
2. Find an accountability partner or coach who will hold you accountable to the work you need to do to reach your goals.
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9 Responses to “Unconditional Confidence”

  1. This is definitely relevant for me in switching from a sales position to a recruiting position with Southwestern. A slow week selling books door-to-door would be 20 “yes’s”, whereas 20 yes’s over the course of 5 months would put me at the top of the company. Results-based confidence is not easy to maintain, that’s for sure!

    I’m going to be committed to the work habits and attitude I learned selling books and apply them to recruiting to develop this unconditional confidence stuff.

    Thanks Dustin!

  2. Unconditional Confidence
    Between Elinor Vutt and You

    Elinor Vutt
    Today at 2:16am
    Report Message: Thanks Dustin for sharing it!

    It’s really good and gives lots of inspiration for a day and also for different events.

    Love it!!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Matthew Ollis says:

    Today at 6:57am
    Report Message:

    Hey Dustin ,
    This was agreat way to start the day. Unconditional confidence, such a key concept but so easy to forget sometimes!

  4. Matthew Ollis Says:

    Closed 3 sales today , one huge really appreciate what u are doing.

  5. Evelina Prodanova says:
    April 2 at 5:34am

    That is really a great point! And it is that great because it applies to no matter what professional field you are working in. Most of the time we forget how important it is to believe in ourselves!

    And it also reminds me of another Law that Maxwell brings in his same book – the Law of Process – Champions don`t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized there, he says. What you mentioned about developing the right habits is actually tough sometimes because we do what we are supposed to, but focusing too much on the results (which at first are not that satisfactory) we let our attitude goes down and break the habits without realizing it becuase we think there is no point of doing something which doesn`t lead to (immediate) succes. The thing is that it takes time to become better at something and to start understanding HOW we do those things, not just doing them robotically, but we can`t get from the bottom to the top in a day. Taking one step at a time and being consistent will lead us to the top and I love your advice of finding an accountability partner – what I found that works well for me when I get discouraged is visualizing all the people I do love and respect recognizing me for my achievements. And so the opposite works just as perfectly as a great motivator, because I know that if I don`t do it right, I`ll be disappointed myself and also I`ll disappoint them! But what also brings me confidence in those moments is the fact I`m surrounded with people who believe in me and who`ve put effort to help me become successful, so I tell myself ‘Just keeep on doing the right thing baby and everything else will take care itself!’

  6. Muy bueno señor. And to experience unconditional confidence before a big meeting/event one can access a state of unconditional confidence by vividly reliving a prior state of unconditional confidence.

    Access such a state by taking a few moments before the event to visualize and relive that moment of supreme confidence. Keys:
    1. See what you saw. The images, the expressions, the colors.
    2. Feel what you felt. Your pulse rate, your emotions, your surge of energy…intensify those feelings.
    3. Hear what you heard…the sounds, the expressions of people or yourself while you were in the extreme state of unconscious confidence.

    Once you’ve relived the moment, then live out the moment of the upcoming event meeting, transferring those feelings and emotions. Pre-live the upcoming moment immediately while carrying over the images, feelings, and sounds of the prior state of unconscious confidence.

  7. This is so true there is nothing worse than setting your goals to low. Im going through shift right now, I truly believe its just as easy to make 300k a month as it is 3k. You just have to have a shift in your thinking.

  8. Jennifer Koger is a scam artist and needs to be stopped

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