Managing your Natural Selling Behavior Style

How do you manage your natural selling behavior style?  It’s a question that doesn’t often get a quick answer.  And it’s always an interesting revelation when you take a look at your selling style and how do you behave when you are in a high pressured work environment.

I’m sure many of you would agree that you behave a certain way when you are selling something and you can behave completely different when you’re in a social environment. There’s a completely different dynamic when you’re selling versus just hanging out…which brings me to today’s focal point;  Navigate

In Navigate, the four different buying styles are covered.  Knowing more about these buying styles will undoubtedly cultivate your selling style.   As you examine at the four below selling styles, consider which ones best describe you, and think about how could you balance the extremities found in the different styles.

  • The Fighter:   Gets straight to the point, has a “don’t waste my time” attitude.  Fighters go straight to the bottom line. When they answer objections, they tend to fight with people versus embracing the objections. Fighters are the ones that close hard, and close again. They love the thrill of the hunt.
  • The Entertainer:  Extroverted and wants to build rapport.  The entertainer wants to feel they are well liked.  People trust them almost immediately. Many times they simply accept objections. If someone says the want to think about it, the entertainer will say “Oh okay, I understand, I’d want to think about it too”.  The always use a soft handed close, they feel it out and make sure everything feels right and if it doesn’t they don’t dare apply too much pressure.
  • The Detective:   A detective is very detail oriented; they want facts, they want figures.  They love to analyze everything.  They don’t get emotional; they don’t tell many stories. They are more into “this is the product, this is the price and this is how it can help you”, and they just state the facts when it comes to selling. When they answer objections, they do it logically. And when they close, they want it to be a logical decision. They close based on logic.
  • The Counselor:  Want to make sure that everyone in the group is on the same page. When they’re selling, they take their time, they to get to know the prospect then they do a second meeting with the prospect and their manager…then another meeting with their manager and the vice-president.  They build relationships and take their time with their selling and don’t want to rub any feathers or cause any controversy.  They are there to answer every question, no matter how long it takes.  They counsel prospects.  When answering objections, they empathize well.  Naturally when it comes time close, they don’t really even close. They will often sit back and let the customer come to the decision and close themselves.

How do you balance this out? How do you manage your behavior style?   For starters, you need to pull out the extreme points in your selling style and begin taking baby steps to get out of that “rut”…

For example, fighters can be too tense.  It’s a good idea to start a relaxation routine.  Before walking into a sales situation, practice some relaxation techniques and tell yourself that you don’t have to over react when the pressure is on.  Tell yourself often why people matter and why it’s important to care about the people you serve. 

Entertainers should take steps to focus on controllable factors or “keep your feet on the ground” so to speak.  Focus on your schedule, and goals.  Determine how many phone calls you need to make in a day and start trying to get organized.  Don’t let the busyness of the world get you so caught up in the whirlwind that you become frustrated.   

Detectives tend to get negative when the pressure rises. When the economy turns, when everything that can go wrong does, detectives become negative and pessimistic…and then become extreme to try and control the negative circumstances. So, detectives need to loosen up.  I challenge you to mess up your hair one day and wear it that way all day – and just see how that feels. It’s hard to be sour when you’re hair is messy on purpose.  Say something positive to the first person you meet every single day and try to verbalize some random positive comments throughout the day. 

Counselors, tend to shut down and avoid the controversy during pressure.  They feel weak.  So just relax and remember that pressure is a good thing. Say to yourself, “no pain, no gain”.  Because counselors tend to focus on others, it’s a good idea to add a little self-focus and evaluate what you really want from your job and from your life.  Set a goal to buy something for yourself.

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