Dancing with the Sales Stars

Watching Henry Bedford (CEO of the Southwestern Company) being honored at the Dancing with Safe Haven

Dancing with Safe Haven

charity event last week, I was reminded of some Southwestern Company  success principles that I learned my first summer selling books door-to-door in college.
The contestants on the immensely popular reality show Dancing with the Stars are all people who have made a name for themselves within the niche of their trade or craft. They have all been asked to come together and compete against one another for one common goal. Each contestant works diligently to learn a new routine and perform more successfully than their competitive counterparts.

Believe it or not, these “dancers” really have to work hard during the weeks prior to the show in order to achieve the level of perfection the judges are looking for…it is, after all, a competition – Much like the real world. Whether we like it or not, the sales profession is a competition. Who is the best? Who can do the most? Who is going to be recognized?

The contestants on Dancing with the Stars want to be sure that the millions of viewer’s don’t see them fall on their faces, and then receive harsh judgment by professionals. They want to make a sale! The same could be said for those of us who aspire to master sales techniques and become the best we can be at our craft…To be truly successful in sales, we have to dance the dance! Just like the “stars”, we have to know the steps, the technique, the form, and the approach to navigating the dance floor successfully.

Each of us has different hopes and aspirations. To achieve these goals we have to be willing not only to put the work in, but to work with a partner that knows what he or she is doing…this is precisely why each novice dancer on Dancing with the Stars is paired with a skilled and knowledgeable “coach”… If you’re truly serious about turning your sales “job” into a sales “career” – you need to LEARN THE STEPS! The professionals and coaches at the Southwestern Company are second to none when it comes to moving skillfully across the “sales” floor.

Dancing with the Stars

To be the best, we have to be willing to learn, study, and cha-cha all over the competition each and every day…the winner’s circle is a great place to be, and a good sales coach, with a solid background like those found at the Southwestern Company, is the best way to ensure your place among the champions.

For more information about Southwestern Consulting Sales Coaching: Click Here


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