Southwestern Company Interviews Zig Ziglar

Check out this interview that Rory Vaden the co-founder of Southwestern Consulting a Southwestern Company did with Zig Ziglar on his thoughts about Direct Sales and the Southwestern Company.

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9 Responses to “Southwestern Company Interviews Zig Ziglar”

  1. Asya Dimitrova Says:

    This is great! Thanks to Rory and Dustin for making this video 🙂 I love Zig Ziglar – he is one of my favourite successful people and public speakers to listen. He is really right – the expirience all of you can get from the direct selling can help you with everything else you want to achive in your life and career. To all the Southwestern Students : “We all are doing a great thing!”

  2. Zak Peters Says:

    Love it! Makes me love my SW roots even more. “Encouragement is the fuel on which hope runs.” Love it!

  3. John Wayne Southerland Says:

    I previously worked for the Southwestern company for 4 consecutive summers while in college at the University of Texas and I LOVED the job! I have listened, watched, read, and followed Zig for a long time and his positive words of e couragement have helped me tremendously. It is an honor to have Zig speak of the Southwestern Co. with such enthusiasm. Even in my sales carreer today, I use 100% of the skills I learned working in direct sales with the SW Co. and use Zigs CDs and podcasts to keep myself focused on reaching my goals. I litteraly us both on a daily basis. Great to see ol Zig and the Southwestern Co. together!!

  4. Zig had a profound influence on me as a college student, and it was Southwestern that introduced me to his work. To this day, thoughts from “How to Stay Motivated” remain with me, central to what I do each day. Thanks, Rory, for this interview, and thanks, Zig for your continual positive influence on so many!

  5. Evelina Prodanova Says:

    One thing I love about Southwestern is giving me the chance to be around such people who can inspire me and help me achieve the great things I am aiming for in my life. I haven`t heard of other company where Sales Managers and Vice Presidents sit on one table with all the other employees and learn, improve together!
    I am happy and honored to be part of Southwestern! 🙂

    • Evelina,

      I totally agree. The on the ground approach that Henry Bedford and Sales Managers take is amazing! Have you personally met with Dan Moore or Henry Bedford before?

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