What Motivates an Oscars Award Winner and a Top Producer?

What motivates top producers in both movie making and money making?  Is it money?  Is it recognition? Is the fame? Is it winning an award?

Oscars for Top Producers

Oscars for Top Producers

Last year I attended the Direct Selling Association national meeting in Washington, D.C.  In a round table training sessions the topic was “How to Motivate a Sales Team”.   Leaders from various direct selling companies told how they motivate their sales teams, and then the question came to me and I said, “At the Southwestern Company, what we do is…”   I heard someone whisper, “This will be good!”  As I looked around the table every leader was looking at me intently with their pens in hand ready to hear the secrets of the Southwestern Company and how we motivate our sales team.  I told the group that it all begins with helping train young salespeople to find their purpose for working hard.

Knowing why you are doing what you are doing will help you reach the pinnacle of any industry.  The reason award winners on Oscars night get to walk up on a stage in front of the world and accept an award for being the best in their industry is the same reason the Southwestern consistently trains people to be more successful than they ever thought.  Both Oscar winners and top producers know the WHY behind what they do. 

If your WHY is big enough, you will find the how.

What is it that motivates you?  Is it money? Is it recognition? Is it fame?  Is it winning an award?  

An easy way to find your purpose is do the following exercise:

Write out 5 characteristics of the type of person that you want to be.

Make a list of 10 things that you love about life.

Write out 10 things that you are thankful for.

10 things you want to do.

5 things you want to have.

Then write down in 3 sentences or less what motivates you.

Once you know what motivates you to achieve your highest potential; the awards, fame, and fortune is bound to follow.

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15 Responses to “What Motivates an Oscars Award Winner and a Top Producer?”

  1. This is very good and reminds me of a video i watched on TED talks about intrinsic motivation (as opposed to extrinsic like money), where the desire to do what you do can be classified as follows:

    1. autonomy: the urge to direct our own life
    2. mastery: the desire to get better at something that matters
    3. purpose: the yearing to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves

    my question is: how do you motivate someone who doesn’t have a purpose?

  2. Maggie Mulvaney Says:

    Thank-you Dustin for the great motivation, and great ways to help define your purpose. I can not wait to use the techniques to help motivate myself and my sales team as well!
    Thanks again,
    Maggie Mulvaney

  3. Awesome Dustin, simple AWESOME. My purpose is what keeps me coming back to Southwestern. I’ve never tried your approach but I sure will. I’ve always just asked myself and my firstyears: Why?, Why?, Why?, Why?, and Why? to develop their emotinal purpose.

    p.s. Last nights conference call was AMAZING. I learned so much and can’t wait to impliment it.

  4. Becca Geidel Says:

    This was great! I wrote everything down to constantly keep me motivated through this summer and through life…you are a great inspiration to me! Thank you very much Mr. Hillis.

  5. Dustin – you did a really good job of tying motivation to two very different fileds together. I guess when you get to the heart of it, everyone is motivated by the same things, but take different paths to get their end result. I have had very similar experiences at DSA events. Southwestern Company’s reputation of breeding successful leaders makes people stop and listen.

  6. Great post. I made sure to answer every question and learned what truly motivates me. Thanks for the reminder to ask ourselves WHY we do what we do.

  7. I totally agree with the statement “If your why is big enough, you will find a how,” but sometimes it’s hard to remember WHY you’re doing something. How to get yourself motivated when you’re having trouble remembering why you’re doing it in the first place is always a challenge. The list of questions to ask yourself is a good idea to help you figure out how to get re-motivated for things that you may have lost the drive to do.

  8. Dustin, this is right on! I’ve seen that exercise (listing things to find your why) in many forms, but I think this is a particularly effective way because it covers the main areas people naturally consider when they are faced with a proverbial mountain to climb. Putting it on paper or even just speaking it into existence fuels the fire. I like it!

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