Southwestern Consulting and Success Magazine

SSN Training - 015

Success may just be one of the greatest words in the English language. Isn’t it the true American dream? Success can mean so many different things to different people, but in the grand scheme of things success means attaining a favorable outcome, reaching the desired end result. At Southwestern Consulting we are in the business of helping people become successful through the best sales training and techniques. Our friends over at SUCCESS Magazine also eat, sleep and breathe success.

I was first introduced to the great folks at SUCCESS Magazine after accompanying Rory Vaden to a Direct Selling Association seminar where he was speaking. Dan Moore, President of The Southwestern Company, introduced me to the VP marketing at SUCCESS. We hit it off, probably in part due to Dan’s great introduction, as well as the sheer fact that we are in the same industry: we cultivate success.

A few weeks back I met with SUCCESS Magazine. The magazine has a non-profit sector called “SUCCESS for teens” that will provide millions of copies of a book about success (??) to high school students. In order to get these books into the hands of America’s high-schoolers, Southwestern Company students will be (selling/distributing) them around the globe. It is so great to see Southwestern Company paired with a fantastic cause as well as a terrific magazine. As a Southwestern Company grad and co founder of Southwestern Consulting I’ve been in the talks with them about a possible sales training (article/column) for the magazine. It would in many ways mimic what I present here every week, yet more refined. I will keep everyone in the loop as to what transpires!

In the spirit of SUCCESS, Dustin Hillis


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