Back by Popular Demand – The Southwestern Company presents “The Mimic Effect”

Some time ago, we made a post that was dedicated to teaching others the art of the “mimicry”… Lately, we’ve been getting lots of questions about what it takes to be a “master”  – so, we’ve decided to bring back the Mimic Effect to help all of you who are seeking to learn the secrets of best and brightest. 


The Southwestern Company presents “The Mimic Effect”…

Have you ever noticed that when two kids are good friends they mimic each other? Sometimes they bounce around like a Mexican jumping bean and have more energy than what they know what to do with. Or if the kids are like me and my best friends growing up the friends or group of friends could be known as the notorious “gruesome two-some” or kids that your parents warn you about.

“The mimic effect” is a universal principle that’s been around since the beginning of time. At the Southwestern Company we have taught top producers to learn from other top producers for over a century.  We are naturally programmed to emulate the people we surround ourselves with. The good, the bad, and the ugly absorbs into our DNA like a sponge. As Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said “the only difference between who we are now and who we are in 5 years, is the people we meet and the books that we read.”

From birth to death “the mimic effect” determines the altitude of our success. We are only as successful as our 5 best friends. Whether or not you have heard of this universal truth before matters not. Do you purposely use the principle to take your business and life to the next level? Do you find yourself aware of this principle, yet still squandering your life away hanging with negative, lazy, fear paralyzed people?

Try this simple exercise that will forever change your life:

Developing your “peer group”:
Write down specific characteristics you want to have. What do you want other people to discribe you as?

For example: Dependable, Honest, Top Producer, Hard Working, Creative, Wise, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Financially Free, Dedicated, Caring, etc.

Then make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Then write down the top 5 traits other people would say they have (good or bad). Next make a list of people you know who have all of the traits you just listed. After that compair your lists and see if you have anyone on your list of people you spend time with who are doing the things you want to do with your life. If not… you guessed it’s time to get a new set of friends! Set a goal to surround yourself with the people who are already doing the things you want to do and “mimic” them.

If you want to be a good investor…start hanging out with an top investor in your town. When hanging out ask specific question and try to get inside their brain. Then “mimic” them!

If you want to start your own business, or be a top producer, or be a good husband/wife, or what ever your passion is to become, you must surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to do and let “the mimic effect” go to work for you.

Let me tell you about my wife Kyah. Selling ice to an eskimo…no problem to the greatest saleswoman in the world. She’s that freakin’ good. Yet one day, after working with the Southwestern Company for 10 years she realized she could pursue her dream of becoming a stylist. And it so happens that the 5 people that she spends her most time with are… you guessed it, fashionistas! Shortly after becoming a professional clothing stylist she started writing a column for a well know magazine in our home town Nashville.
She styles musicians, business women, and doing private clothing consulting. Check out her blog, The Ivory Feather, for more details.

When I decided I wanted to become a professional sales trainer/ consultant/ coach for the Southwestern Company I put into play the law of “the mimic effect.” I made a list of the type of people I needed to surround myself with… and guess what, I’m now certified by the National Speaking Association and the co-founder of the #1 company on Google under “corporate sales training”.

Here is the peer group that I on purpose surrounded myself with:

My Southwestern Company professional speakers “peer group”

My professional speakers "peer group" My professional speakers “peer group”


From left to right:
Paul Schween– Founder of PS seminars. (Advanced sales trainer extraordinaire), Me, Ron Marks- Founder of Results Seminars. (Author of the book “Managing for Sales Results”), Rory Vaden- Co-founder of  Southwestern Consulting a Southwestern Company (First runner up in the world championship of public speaking and author of “The Audience is NOT in Their Underwear”), Gary Michels- Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting a Southwestern Company (Author of “Gettin in Gettin Out”).

My Southwestern Company top producer/ sales ninja “peer group”
Here is the Southwestern Company all time sales record holders and our CEO Henry Bedford (who is my current sales coach).

Sales ninja "peer group" Sales ninja “peer group”


From left to right: Dave Brown- The world’s best cold calling salesman of all time! (at the Southwestern Company he had 23 customers in one day selling books door to door!), Kyah Hillis (formerly Kyah Grady)- shattered the Southwestern Company record not once but twice! (Making her #1 out of over 250,000 sales people who have came through the Southwestern Company over the past 154 years), me, Henry Bedford- All around bad ass and CEO/ chairman of the board of all 17 of the Southwestern Companies. (Oversees over $320 million of annual revenue), Bill Zizzy- Former Southwestern Company sales record holder, Dave Rosen- Former Southwestern Company sales record holder. Although I never formally had a professional relationship with Bill or Dave they were still in my Southwestern Company sales ninja “peer group”. I applied “the mimic effect” with them through listening to their advanced sales CD’s over and over and over and over again in my car during the summers and drinking from their wealth of knowledge.

Here is a member of my Southwestern Consulting professional sales coaching “peer group”:

SSN! crew on stage with Matthew Ferry SSN! crew on stage with Matthew Ferry


Matthew Ferry- Life coach extraordinare! (Author of “Amplifying Your Money Magnetism”)

Here is a member of my Southwestern Company professional consulting “peer group”:

Sales ninja "peer group" Sales ninja “peer group”


Marc Savas- CEO of Unfair Advantage a Southwestern Company. (Successful executed over 100 consulting projects that has generated a average of 14.5% in lift of revenue! Unfair Advantage Inc.)

So if you really want to take your business/life to the next level put “the mimic effect” to work for you.
Know what you want.
Know who you want to be like.
Find those people and spend time with them.
Then let “the mimic effect” do the rest!

For additional information and help with designing a “peer group” and applying “the mimic effect” go to

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10 Responses to “Back by Popular Demand – The Southwestern Company presents “The Mimic Effect””

  1. This is awesome!

  2. Jessica McGuire Says:

    Thanks, Dustin, I always appreciate receiving these insightful reminders!

  3. Laura Jones Says:

    woooooow, i want a peer group like that!

  4. There is much to be learned from the Ninji sales group. Always anxious to hear more!

  5. This is so true! The people you spend the most time with is who you end up being like.

  6. Dustin,

    Thank you for that reminder. It’s so easy to get busy doing your work that you forget to apply principles that matter.

    Will you be my friend? 🙂

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