Southwestern Consulting a Southwestern Company Seminar: D.C. & Baltimore

Last week we held two seminars on the East Coast: one in D.C., one in Baltimore. Our seminars consist of one full day of sales training hosted by a handful of the very best sales consultants. While in Baltimore and D.C., myself and the Southwestern Company sales seminar series Success Starts Now! team spoke to over 1400 people from companies such as Smith Barney, Wells Fargo, State Farm and Bank of America. Although I love coaching and interacting with people on a daily basis, speaking at the Southwestern Consulting conferences to hundreds of people that are ready to learn is incredibly encouraging! Many of the people at our conferences are stuck using the same old routine sales pitch day in and day out. It’s our job to help them get back to the basics, back to the reason they began selling in the first place. We help people stay on track, adhere to their schedule and develop positive affirmation. There’s no secret potion to becoming a Top Producer, but there is a lifestyle and some basic steps to model. Although it is a constant learning process, we equip everyone with the mindset and tools to become successful. The best part of every conference is the end. Our guests leave empowered and refreshed, ready to get back into the sales game. It is incredibly gratifying to receive hugs and endless “thank yous,” but the best part of all is the knowledge that we are providing people with tools for long term success!

Here are some photos from the seminars:

SSN Training - 001

SSN Training - 108

SSN Training - 042

SSN Training - 045


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