Navigate: Your Buying Behavior Style

At the Southwestern Company I learned how to sell the way people like to buy.  In order to understand the buying behavior style of others you first should understand your own buying style. By “buying behavior style” I am referring to your default behavior when buying or being sold to. Are you a fighter–results oriented and aggressive? An entertainer–outgoing and motivated by affirmation? A counselor–the team player who avoids controversy? Or a detective–the detail-oriented perfectionist? These are the 4 most common behaviors that I’ve identified in my book.

It’s essential for the salesperson to understand and be able to identify the buying behavior of others so that they can adapt their personality and selling style. Take the Navigate Behavior Profile Assessment to find out your own default buying behavior style. Remember, your social behavior is not the same as your buying behavior in a high pressured selling situation!

Picture 3Navigate Behavior Profile Test

Pay attention to the buying behaviors that you are most like and least like. Understanding your own social behavior as well as your buying behavior will provide incredible insight into how you should sell to others. For ideas and techniques on how to sell to the various buying behaviors read my book, Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy.


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