Navigate buyer emotions

“We are emotional beings, and our emotions certainly come into play in our buying habits.”

-Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy, 15

There are two reasons that people buy things. Either they want or need it or they like and trust you. In the game of sales it is incredibly important to master both the former and the latter. First off, it is important to consider the difference between creating a value based asset and a price based commodity. It’s much more difficult to sell a “romance novel for $29.95” than to sell the “journey”, “experience” and the “allure of curling up with a good read”. This way the buyer will leave the purchase not merely thinking “I have a new book”, but instead “I am excited for the experience that awaits in the pages”. Now we have connected the product with their emotions!

Okay, a romance novel might not be the best example for everyone, but the bottom line is that a good salesperson sells VALUE and BENEFITS, not PRODUCTS and therefore relates directly to the wants and needs of the consumer.

On to the next important sales technique: building trust. If people like you and trust you they will not merely “shop” you, but may invest more of themselves into your products or services because of the relationship you have established. On the other hand, if trust has not been built with the buyer and you jump into the sale, you may be construed as another pushy sales person with no concern for their needs and wants.

It’s all about emotions.


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