Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
-Napoleon Hill

About a week ago I went on a fishing trip in Canada with my Dad and brother. My Dad thought it would be fun to wager a contest, whoever catches the most fish wins $100. Easy enough.

Well, early on in our contest we started getting attacked by a swarm of bees. Not a small swarm, the kind of swarm that left me with 26 bee stings. My Dad and I were quickly packing up our things to get out of there and hollering at my brother to do the same. He didn’t budge. I looked back to see him in the middle of this bee onslaught catching a fish! Despite getting stung over and over by these bees, my brother refused to drop his pole until he had caught his fish and thus won the contest. In fact, he cast out again and caught another fish after realizing the gold mine he had tapped!

Even if it isn’t the brightest idea to fish while being attacked by an angry swarm of bees, it does show one really admirable thing: persistence. My brother made the decision that he was going to win this contest and that nothing was going to stop him, not even bees.

These bees could easily represent the doors slammed in my face during long summers of selling books door-to-door. They might symbolize the trials of new business owners or the struggles of the unemployed.  Persistence provides the hope and drive necessary to achieve success. Without it, the desired success of breaking a 154-year-old sales record at the Southwestern Company, making profits or finding your dream job will remain out of reach.

Like honey, trout is sweet; you just need to get through a few bees to get it.


2 Responses to “Persistence”

  1. Travis Hillis Says:

    Your story of our fishing trip is truly priceless. This is a prime example of mind over matter. I learned that mentality from following you during my first year on the book field. Thanks. You are awesome bro!

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