RAFT: Self Control (MEP Continued)

In “How to Reach Your Maximum Earning Potential” we mention that the three most important characteristics for breaking belief barriers are commitment, control, and confidence. Let’s try to understand the 2nd “C” a bit better.

There are certain things in life that we cannot control, such as death, natural disasters, flat tires, ticks, or even who buys from us. Top producers realize this so they focus on controlling the controllable factors.

Those factors are the number of hours we work, the amount of calls or prospecting we do in a day, and our attitude. Now you’re probably saying “that sounds good, but how am I supposed to do this?”
In the Top Producer’s Edge personal consulting program I teach a technique called R.A.F.T. This helps harness emotion from an uncontrollable event and creates a positive outcome. R.A.F.T. is an acronym:

R ealize an event is occurring
A ccept the situation
F ocus on the controllable (hours, calls, and attitude)
T ransform the negative emotion into positive momentum

I came up with this technique when I was working in Fairbanks, Alaska—the only place on earth you will see a sign that says North Pole, next exit. One day I received a call from my teenage brother.
“Dude, we have to talk . . . it’s about Mom and Dad.”
My parents had been married for twenty-five years and on that day I found out they were getting a divorce. I felt mad, frustrated, confused, and worst of all, I couldn’t find the number for Dr. Phil—my head was out of the ballgame.
So I implemented R.A.F.T.
I Realized an event was occurring—by my productivity stopping.
I Accepted the situation—even though I didn’t want to.
I Focused on my hours and calls. My attitude was hard to control so I was using positive phrases to keep my Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A.) right. (More about P.M.A. later.)
I Transformed the negative energy into positive momentum by putting on the blinders and going to work.

The result of applying this technique was that I made more commission the week I found out my parents were getting a divorce than anyone else has made in the history of The Southwestern Company! As a junior in college, in one week I made over $15,000 and had over sixty customers selling books door-to-door!

Is your excuse the ecomomy, not enough time, or family issues? What ever is stopping you from doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing apply R.A.F.T. and you will be one step closer to reaching your MEP!

Do you need someone to hold you accountable?

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One Response to “RAFT: Self Control (MEP Continued)”

  1. Very powerful. These are the lessons that matter. Tap into the emotions of success and be able to call them up when you need them. I had my best week ever at SW when my $200 bicycle (expensive then) fell out of the back of my roommate’s truck as he drove me to the bookfield. I thought of this when I went to get my paper this morning. And then your message. I am going to Tweet this for you.

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