Southwestern Company Presents: Should Do / Must Do

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Why is the world full of unconfident, self-doubting, and insecure people? Confidence and belief come from certainty. One of the best steps for developing certainty comes from personal decision making. One of the best ways to condition confidence in yourself is to make decisions based on your priorities and take action on your decisions immediately! What are your priorities?

Go get a pen right now and list your top 5 priorities.

Confident top producers all take action immediately with everything they do and guess what their clients do? They want to do business with them. When someone has unconditional confidence it attracts others to them. People can see it in their eyes. Your clients do not want to do business with a whipped puppy; they want a champion pure breed that is going to bring home the gold! You might be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to do this? I’m not naturally like that!”

Now that you have a list of things that are your priorities, let’s figure out how to change your life from a “should do” mindset to a “must do” mindset. As fast as you can list the things that you know you should really do, but maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it lately (ex. prospecting). Next write down all the things that you know you must do no matter what– things that you do all the time (ex. pay bills).

Now look at both lists. In your first list was it things such as lose weight, read more often, go to church? Then in your second list was it buy groceries, change the oil in my car, pay taxes? We naturally attach our priorities and things that we think we “must do” to things that cost us money and are in our budgets! Yet the things we “should do” and don’t ever get around to actually doing them are things that require time! We naturally hold the most value to time and money.

Now ask yourself this, “If I were to move all of the things in my “should do” column over to my “must do” column and actually achieved everything on my list, would my confidence go up or down?” Confidence tends to build on positive momentum. Positive momentum comes from doing the things that you know you “should do” consistently.

Let’s now assign a dollar value to both lists. First list how much you spend on the things you must do, next assign a dollar value to how much you think it is worth to achieve the things you “should do”.

This next step is the most important look at your “should do” list and write down the reason you are not doing it! Is it time or money? Now eliminate the excuse, and find a way no matter what to do what you need to do to achieve everything you “should do”! Look at the things you waste money on in your “must do” section that you don’t have to.

When my wife and I did this exercise for the first time we found that we had a long list of things we “should do”. We discovered that she could eliminate one of her “must do’s”–most of her time during the week was dedicated to cleaning and maintaining our house. She was not doing things she knew she “should do” because of it. So we made a decision to get a house keeper. Now we assign money in our family budget to some of her “should do” list, which then turned them into “must do’s” and priorities! Since that day she has accomplished most of her “should do’s” and is now starting her own company.

Be mindful of your priorities. How much is living the life of your dreams worth?

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5 Responses to “Southwestern Company Presents: Should Do / Must Do”

  1. Evelina Chilikova Says:

    I really like the way you combine the technical part with the emotional one especially the last line-how much is your dream life worth…. I guess that’s the key for having success when selling?

  2. Aimee Stander Says:

    This is how I see it:

    “must do” list = things we need to do to survive
    “should do” list = things we need to do to really live (as we want to)

    This article reminded me of the quote – ‘don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want now’ with the things we must do equating to what we want now and thinks we should do equating to what we want most.

    It’s crazy how little time, money and effort we put into the things we want most in life….
    And how little time we spend thinking about what it is we want most….

    Having constructed a revised “must do” list, I guess the challenge is to actually do the things we must do. Otherwise it becomes just a should do list with a new label. 🙂

  3. Hey Dustin,
    Your blog is fantastic and inspirational. You truly have a gift to teach and motivate in a unique way. I am proud of you and will give you a call this weekend to celebrate your birthday!!


  4. 1motional intelligence , can be a difficult thing to point to. But here Dustin you illustrate it very well. Understanding both how you feel and how you want to feel…and managing yourself with discipline.

    Its amazing how many sales people miss one of those three components.

  5. nice thoughts my friend… removing ‘must dos’ that others can do like cleaning or administrative work is a great thing as long as it lines up with priorities, budgets and “callings”. i would say there is a big difference between ‘unconditional confidence’ and ‘certainty’ however. unconditional confidence is an attitude you can develop and sustain with constant and consistent action, while certainty can’t be much more than illusion. call me negative if you will, but it is impossible for anyone to truly know what will happen. we can’t know, because in our humanness we are confined only to each individual moment in which we live. we can’t go back to the past, and we certainly can’t see the future. rather, we must shift our focus and ‘unconditional confidence’ to our ability to make the right decision, for the right reasons, right NOW! we are given about a thousand waking moments every day to use how we will. i pray that we understand those moment for what they are, a precious gift, and do our best to honor the Giver with every single one of them.

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