Memory Lane

Success Starts Now!’s World Tour stop #18 is taking place on Friday in Nashville, TN. It is hard to believe that we have been at it for two and a half years already. Check out a few old pictures of mine from some of our major events:

Our unique conference format takes a fresh look at assertive sales techniques coveted by top producers, and offered by few in the sales training industry. These techniques derived from a variety of sales training disciplines will awaken you to savvy tactics that are otherwise mastered only from years attending the school-of-hard-knocks. For conference followers, this unique combination of sales disciplines serves to invigorate those new to sales while finding a way to challenge top producers to retrofit their style and approach for the ever-changing market place. What Separates Top Producers From Average Producers is designed for today’s more sophisticated market and the challenges faced by all salespeople in all industries nationwide.

Join us on our journey across America! Keep checking this blog for sales training tips and undates also sign up for your free e-zine and click on this link to get registered today: Success Starts Now!


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