Maximum Earning Potential

MEP: Crystallizing Goals
Before you can begin thinking like a top producer, you must first know where you want to go, and before you know where you want to go you must first know what is possible!

You must, figuratively speaking, put on a brand new lens when establishing goals. In creating a paradigm shift to become a top producer, you must set a goal that strikes fear into your heart: The process is called Maximum Earning Potential (M.E.P.). You can determine your Maximum Earning Potential by calculating your maximum output in a single day if you are on top of your game, 100% of the time. The dollar amount that you come up with should freak you out!

They key to setting a M.E.P. goal is as simple as doing some fundamental math. This process is called Crystallizing Goals, and it will show you how to reach the goal step by step based on activity, and the confidence that anything can be accomplished with enough effort.

Think of your best sales month ever and the dollar amount of commissions that you earned that month? Write that number down.

Now multiply the number you wrote down by 12, and write the new down. That is your M.E.P.!

The first number you wrote down was probably a lot more than what you are expecting to earn this year. Yet you have already proven to yourself that you can do what you just wrote down.

Why do we not strive for what we know is already possible for us to do? We will discuss this in the “Confidence” section of Maximum Earning Potential.

In our Top Producer’s Edge personal consulting program we help you set goals that force you to push the limits, and help you obtain things that you did not even think were possible.

Does the second number you wrote down scare you to think about? Does the amount of work you know it will take to earn that income intimidate you? If thinking about how to actually reach your M.E.P. gives you butterflies in the pit of your stomach, then it is the right goal for you to shoot for.

Here is a quick Action Item for you to do called “Crystallizing Goals”:
1. Write down your M.E.P.
2. Write down your average commission per sale
3. Divide #1 by #2, this equals your Annual Customer Goal
4. Take #3 and divide it by how many weeks you work per year, this equals your Weekly Customer Goal
5. Take #4 and divide it by 5, this equals your Daily Customer Goal
6. Take #5 and divide it by the number of appointments you have to go on to get one customer, this is your Daily Appointment Goal.
7. Take #6 and divide it by the number of calls it takes you to set one appointment, this is your Daily Dial Goal.
8. Find someone to hold you accountable to your Daily Dial Goal.
I’d like to be your accountability partner. Go to:


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